Lauren Wright

MSN,AGNP-BC: Microbiome Clinical Specialist

For the last 10 years, Lauren has been passionate about optimizing wellness by integrating preventative primary health care and research.


My PhD concentration was in psychoneuroimmunology, the study of how the brain, immune system, and nervous system talk to each other. My passionate advisor got me fascinated by breast milk as the most preventative, dynamic, biological substance to give babies the healthiest start in life. My dissertation was focused on understanding the relationship between maternal inflammatory factors, breast milk immune molecules [cytokines], and how they affect the preterm infant gut microbiome and health outcomes until 4 years of age. Realizing how crucial prolonging breastfeeding is, I set out to understand what pain points mothers had. This work led me to invent The Natural Nipple: a patented infant feeding solution designed to solve a primary barrier to breastfeeding so care-givers can introduce a bottle without consequential latching problems or fatal complications from unnatural flow rate – reducing hospitals’ length of stay cost while improving health outcomes for future generations.

My hope with BeyondBiome is to combine my experience as a primary care Nurse Practitioner, Psychoneuroimmunology research, and founder to revolutionize adult gut health. In doing so I aim to help clients understand their signature microbiome and how to harness it to optimize their neurological, immune, and endocrine systems to increase energy and improve lifelong health!

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Over a quarter of a million dollars in grants and investments raised

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10,000+ hours of clinical research practice and counting


USPTO Patents Filed

Intellectual Property evaluated & preferred by health insurance companies + Fortune 500 industry giants.


Biome & Breastfeeding Innovation

This journey from clinician to researcher and now entrepreneur combines the passion I have for preventative health care and evidence-based practice to bring innovations to market. While I share the desire among healthcare leaders and policymakers to move towards a preventative system, I come to this position from my own firsthand experience growing up on medicaid, which exposed me to some of the most challenging aspects of the U.S. healthcare system. I can still vividly recall the experiences with dedicated, yet under-resourced healthcare professionals who were unable to deliver the care my family needed. This motivated me to make a hands-on clinical impact as a primary care nurse practitioner and to drive evidence-based practice policy as a researcher. I had the good fortune of having an advisor who ignited a curiosity in me as it related to breastmilk, nature’s first life vaccine. This ultimately led to my selection as the first student to serve as the principal investigator and entrepreneurial lead in the National Science Foundation’s I-CORPS program, which led to extensive customer discovery in response to the issue of infant latching issues, ultimately resulting in my founding of a startup: The Natural Nipple.

In the three years, I went from graduating as a Nurse Practitioner with Magna Cum Laude honors while simultaneously juggling a full time, dual degree PhD in psychoneuroimmunology, working clinically on a Nationally funded research study, patenting a U.S. government agency-backed infant feeding innovation from my research, and turned the idea into a company that gained significant traction after the intellectual property was evaluated & preferred by health insurance companies + Fortune 500 international industry giants. To date, I have raised over a quarter of $1 Million in grant and angel funding, and am currently raising for a pre-seed round. These incredible experiences come together to inspire my next step: Integrating experience as a Nurse Practitioner & Researcher to design breakthrough Biome & Breastfeeding innovations.

The Natural Nipple

Right now, there are 60 million women are trying to breastfeed, but 90%* of parents who introduce baby to a bottle experience latching problems after! This is a costly problem that needs to be solved in a 73 billion dollar global baby industry, because providing babies breast milk for just 6 months, we can save the lives of 1 million children and cut $300 Billion in preventable medical costs annually in the U.S. alone (WHO, 2018).

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Beyond Biome

Beyond Biome

We help you understand how to make your gut microbiome work for you, and how to harness it to optimize it to reduce inflammation and improve overall wellness. This data will provide some of the most important medical breakthroughs of our era. For Healthcare providers and companies interested in evaluating a product/program’s impact on the gut microbiome + improvement of health outcomes, we run the case control so you can demonstrate decreased care cost and happier customers.

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The Next Big Thing

Want to be a part of health-tech, biotech, or femtech investment but need to better understand gaps in industry? Partner with Lauren, taking her state of the art clinical and research insights coupled Steve Blank’s Business Model Canvas pedagogy to maximize your dollar on a global scale.

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Better bacteria: better you

Optimal immune performance starts in your gut. Can you trust yours? -> book a gut check below to find out.
Microbial cells outnumber human cells in our bodies 10 to 1- influencing the way we eat, think, and function on a molecular level. It’s time to make your gut microbiome work for you. Learn how we ↓ inflammation ↑overall wellness with our patent-pending process.

What we do


1. Identify your unique gut microbiome with our immune-biome efficiency analysis


2. Optimize your bacterial profile with a customized probiotic and tailored dietary insights


3. Improve health outcomes: ↓ inflammation ↑energy ↑sleep ↑mental clarity ↑weight loss ↑ skin vibrance ↑overall wellness

Pioneering advancements to Empower Breastfeeding, Promote Bonding, and Optimize Wellness worldwide

e’ve patented the first and only infant feeding system that matches your natural nipple shape and milk flow for Seamless and Stress-Free Breast and Bottle Feeding. That means you’ll be able to swap between breast and bottle without confusing baby- so you can bottle feed when you need to, and breastfeed when you want, for as long as you want. Learn about the company and how we’re changing the world for the better.

Right now, there are 60 million women are trying to breastfeed, but 90% * of parents who introduce baby to a bottle experience latching problems after! This is a costly problem that needs to be solved in a 73 billion dollar global baby industry, because providing babies breast milk for just 6 months can save the lives of 1 million children and cut $300 Billion in preventable medical costs annually in the U.S. alone (WHO, 2018).

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  • Lauren is a great entrepreneur and a natural leader. One of her best assets is her combined knowledge of the clinical and the engineering aspects that are key to solving [...] issues. She’s clearly a leader in her field and has done extensive customer discovery that dictates the direction of her startup.

    Fernando Gomez-Baquero NSF I-Corps Panelist
  • Lauren Wright […is a] whip-smart nurse practitioner [. . .] using passion and guile to get their product from the "people thinks it's an awesome idea" stage to a solution in mothers' hands.

    Brian Hartz Business Observer
  • I have known and worked with Lauren for several years. Throughout our entire working relationship, Lauren has shown tremendous dedication and has produced high quality results. She is an excellent communicator and a brilliant asset to our team. There is no job she will not attempt and then master, and she is full of creative and innovative ideas! I and all the Medicine Talk Team highly recommend Lauren.

    Dr. Eli Camp Medical Director of Medicine Talk
  • Congrats on the Top 50 innovators award! As a father of a two-year-old with a wife who exclusively breastfed, I think your products are definitely solving a problem.

    Corey LaDow A Father in Tampa Bay

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